Cantiere Rossini, located on Italy’s Adriatic coast, has just completed the installation of a new 560-tonne travel lift. Supplied by Cimolai Technology, it includes unique features such as two CCTV cameras, wireless connection with the shipyard's management software and, most significantly, a diesel electric generator to supply power to the lifted yacht.

“The presence of this generator installed on the travel lift structure gives the possibility to continuously supply electric power to the yachts electrical system in order to avoid the damaging power blackouts during hauling and launching operations that is typical of all previously built travel lifts in the world,” says Rossini in a statement.

“Additionally there is a seamless power transfer system to guarantee uninterrupted power supply switching from yacht's generators to hardstanding shore power and vice versa."

In the next few weeks the new travel lift will be commissioned and it will be ready to start lifting yachts for the start of the next refit season in September 2018.

Cantiere Rossini is a new shipyard located in Pesaro on Italy’s Adriatic coast. It was previously known as Cantiere Navale di Pesaro, which was converted into a refit yard for large yachts in 2016 after a group of investors purchased the facility in late 2015.