Walcon Marine has completed the supply of the pontoons required for the first phase of the redevelopment of Hartford Marina. Located on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire, UK, Hartford Marina was recently acquired by Tingdene Marinas. Phase one is comprised of a 160m rear walkway plus a 148m pier - fixed at its western end with 22 finger pontoons. A further three piers with finger pontoons will be added along the length of the rear walkway in line with demand.

Tingdene Marinas acquired the site in April 2016 with the intention of updating the infrastructure that dates back to the 1960s, and Walcon was subsequently brought in to advise on the layout. The resulting scheme devised by Tingdene and Walcon allows phase one to be built around the existing marina, the pontoons of which will then be removed in stages as Piers C, B and A are added incrementally. These works form part of a wider programme of improvements costing £1.2m that will also include updated and extended shore facilities.

The marina has been designed to take account for the wide variety of craft that are expected to berth at and visit Hartford Marina. Pier D has the longest and most widely spaced finger pontoons intended for narrowboats and large motorboats and barges up to 20m in length. The pier also has 58m of continuous alongside berthing capable of taking even larger vessels. The finger pontoons gradually reduce in length and spacing from Piers C to A, with the last intended for boats up to 8m long.

Walcon’s aluminium System 2000 pontoons are being used for the project, with piling and installation undertaken by a local contractor. Walcon is providing technical assistance where required.

Walcon Marine and Tingdene Marinas have an ongoing relationship. Walcon pontoons have been installed in recent years at Tingdene’s marinas at Royal Windsor Racecourse (Berkshire) and Pyrford (Surrey). Tingdene’s Thames & Kennet Marina, also in Berkshire, has Walcon pontoons installed by a previous owner.