Marine businesses will have to be relocated following green light for reclamation of Gibraltar dockyard area

A major land reclamation project in the dockyard area of Gibraltar has received the go-ahead, subject to planning approval. Located at Coaling Island in the centre of the Dockyard area, this reclamation will take place between the two small craft marinas in the harbour and it will extend out into the harbour to cover an area of 50,000 square metres. The reclaimed area will be used mainly to build housing and there will be public access on walkways around the perimeter.

Whilst the proposed reclamation will not impinge directly on the existing marina areas adjacent to the development, there is likely to be disruption whilst the work is taking place. Once the reclamation of the new area of land is complete there will be further work during the construction of the buildings that will occupy the new land. The 700 berth Small Boat Marina adjacent to the site, which was completed in 2016 is used mainly by local boats but the outside of the enclosing breakwater provides berths for visiting superyachts and one of more of these berths will disappear when the reclamation work is started.

There is a further smaller marina between the reclamation site and the land which will also remain but it would appear that the businesses located on Coaling Island will have to be relocated. Amongst these is Pritchards Marine which is a yacht repair and servicing facility with a boat hoist.

Work on the reclamation is not likely to start for some time whilst the necessary approvals are obtained