The MK Group is hoping to boost its presence in the Adriatic

Serbia’s MK Group has announced plans to invest some €110m (US$121m) to boost its presence in the Adriatic Sea, including a project to build a new marina in Italy’s Trieste.

MK Group reportedly aims to take over Pier 2 and the entire Adria Terminal at the Port of Trieste, which would allow the Serbian group to open a new marina on the Italian Adriatic Sea, according to Il Piccolo.

Headquartered in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, MK Group is a diversified holding company active in a number of industries, including tourism, real estate, banking, agriculture, and other sectors. The group’s tourism division comprises 16 hotels located in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro, the Portorož Airport in Slovenia, and golf courses in Savudrija, Croatia.

The MK Group is owned by Serbian businessman Miodrag Kostic who recently met with Mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza to discuss MK Group’s potential investment in the city. Kostic has reportedly advised the city authorities not to allow for the transformation of the Adria Terminal into a cruise terminal in 2022 once the licence held by its current operator expires.