New marina to be constructed in Spain’s Andalusia region

The City Council of Málaga and the Port of Málaga are developing plans to build a marina in San Andrés on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. The entire project would cost around €20m (US$22.3m).

As part of the investment, under which a marina with a berthing capacity for some 620 craft is to be constructed, local authorities are aiming to allocate a larger land plot around the facility for commercial space than previously planned, according to local news site

With the aim of ensuring sufficient financing for the project, Carlos Rubio, the president of the port authority, has proposed that the space earmarked for commercial purposes is expanded from the initial 3,000sq m to as much as 11,000sq m.

Under the plan, the port authority’s proposal will be discussed with Málaga’s Urban Planning Department during a meeting scheduled to take place by the end of September.

Málaga is the capital of the Malaga province, and the second largest city in Andalusia, with a population of close to 600,000 inhabitants, preceded by Sevilla.