A new marine repair and refit facility is being developed in the northern Australian port of Darwin, by the Tasmanian Seafoods Group with and investment in excess of A$10m. The new facility known as the NT Marine Facility (NTMF), is scheduled to open in July 2018. It will cater for commercial vessels and yachts up to about 40m (131ft) or 60-200 tonnes

The new facility on Francis Bay Drive, is located on a 36,000m2 site and is inbetween two of Darwin's marinas. It will be equipped with a 150-tonne capacity travel lift which was formerly in use at Gold Coast City Marina. The travel lift will be able to handle craft with a beam of up to 10.2m (33.5ft). NTMF will employ some 15 full time workers.

Tasmanian Seafoods Group decided to develop NTMF because their fleet of 10 fishing vessels had no facility to meet their particular needs size wise. The group saw a gap in the market in the 60-200 tonne range and with the increase in the number of yachts visiting Australia, the yacht market is seen as one that holds good potential for the new facility.