A new dry-stack facility that can hold 150 boats of up to 9.9m in length has opened at Portland Marina on Britain’s south coast.

Designed and built by local contractors Mayhew Callum Ltd and CG Fry & Son, the stack is 19m high and 84m long. Boats are stored on racks that can be adjusted for different hull shapes and the dry stack service at Portland Marina includes two-hour launch service and valet fuelling.

The stack will be clad on three sides and the cladding is due to be installed in autumn 2018.

“The dry stack was part of the original plans for Portland Marina and we are delighted that it is now built and providing secure storage for more boat owners," says Richard Reddyhoff, chairman of marina operator Dean & Reddyhoff.

As well as offering more secure storage for more boat owners, building the dry stack has also freed-up more on-site car parking spaces and has allowed Dean & Reddyhoff to build a new boatshed, forming a dive centre for Skin Deep.

“Dean & Reddyhoff are an important investor in Portland, providing jobs, supporting tourism and the maritime economy,” said Portland Mayor Charlie Flack, who officially opened the new facility earlier this month.