Cove Harbor Marina to become the largest full-service marina and dry stack in Texas

In just a year after Hurricane Harvey tore through coastal Texas, Cove Harbor Marina announced it would be reopening and expanding operations as Cove Harbor Yacht Club and Boat House Resort, with US$12m in upgrades and plans underway for more.

Cove Harbor’s two dry stack storage units – housing some US$30m in boats – were destroyed by the storm and two new 75ft buildings store more than 600 boats. Wet slips have increased from 400 to 470.

“Same size, we reconfigured it,” owner Haythem Dawlett told KRIS-TV. “We were able to reconfigure everything, maximise the spacing. We re-engineered the buildings, and now both buildings are rated to 150 mile-an-hour windstorm rating,” said Dawlett.

Cove Harbor will be the largest full-service marina and dry stack in the area, and is home to one of single largest commercial fishing fleets in the area.

Dawlett told the station he is adding 42 RV slips that are class A for buses and a 50-60 unit high-end Airstream Hotel, a yacht club building that will house a fitness centre, events area, and a poo. “We have taken this whole concept to a completely different level,” he said.