Facilities at Lymington Town Quay have been completely refigured

Walcon Marine, the UK-based marina builder, has completed a comprehensive reconfiguration of the mooring facilities at Lymington Town Quay in Hampshire.

The project took place from November 2019 to February 2020 and involved a series of smaller jobs as the various existing moorings were moved and replaced and the new ones added.

Topping the list was the more than doubling of the number of walk-ashore berths from 19 to 46, while at the same time continuing to offer a choice between visitor walk-ashore berths with power and water, and lower cost river moorings. To achieve this, Walcon first relocated the existing moorings.

These included 17 commercial fishing boat berths which have been moved upstream to new pontoon berths located immediately south of the railway bridge, placing them nearer to the commercial quay and further away from the leisure boat facilities.

Walcon has also repositioned 43 small boat leisure moorings for local residents and upgraded them to a mix of new finger pontoons and new fore and aft moorings, and moved the commercial boat landing closer to the slipway to make it more visible and lengthened it so it can now accommodate two boats at the same time.

All the pontoon infrastructure has been replaced with new Walcon System 21 pontoons to match that of the new walk-ashore facilities. The pontoons for the fishing fleet have additionally been fitted out to a commercial standard with rubber D-fenders, GRP mesh decking and internal pile guides.