A newly formed group of industry experts to assist with business development

For businesses entering the market or for existing businesses looking to expand or broaden their horizons, a new group has formed that will offer advice, quality data and business management support.

Global Marine Business Advisors (GMBA) comprises senior marine industry professionals, currently from 12 countries on all continents, who have come together to offer their knowledge and services separately or collectively to the world’s boating industry. The group includes Thom Dammrich (USA); Mary-Anne Edwards (AUS, NZ); Jean Michel Gaigné (FRA); Jouko Huju (FIN); Anastasia Kobzeva (RUS, CIS); David Lewin (GBR); Theo Lingmont (NLD); YP Loke (SGP); Kai Malmivaara (UAE); Veda Pretorius (ZAF); Lorenzo Pollicardo (ITA); and Oscar Siches (ESP).

They have all held long-term senior positions in business and are all well-known within their sphere of influence. The group offers experience in business development, marketing, export promotion, internal and external relations with governments and agencies, marinas and marina management, OEM manufacturing, aftermarket sales, plus general management principles to help drive successful businesses.

Jouko Huju from Finland stated: “After 25 years of service in the marine industry as CEO of Finnboat and two spells as president of ICOMIA, I felt somehow obliged to share my experiences and knowledge from that time. I took the idea up with Thom Dammrich (USA) and YP Loke (Singapore) and I am more than convinced that our group has a lot to give.”

All those involved in Global Marine Business Advisors have worked together at various times in their careers and each has access to a worldwide network of contacts and knowledge.

The advisors are able to work independently or in teams and one of the key advantages of the group is that they have a network with significant contacts and expertise at their fingertips. This means that a project can start domestically and then scale up to have a global reach.

Thom Dammrich (USA) commented: ”Through my years as president of NMMA, I often received calls asking if I knew someone who could help a marine business with one question or challenge, or another. This is why I have joined the Global Marine Business Advisors. I am proud to be associated with this group of professional advisors and their extensive networks that is unparalleled in its diversity of knowledge and geographical reach.”

MaryAnne Edwards from Australia stated: “I have always felt it can be a tough road for businesses entering and surviving in the marine industry nationally and globally whether in the recreational boating or superyacht sector. For businesses to be able to have access to the level of professional knowledge will be invaluable.”

For more information see the group’s website www.mba.blue or contact the group’s spokesman Jouko Huju at huju@mba.blue or mob +358 40 5509310.