Preliminary estimates from members of the Italian boating industry point to continued growth in 2019, approaching 10%

According to an initial survey of industry members, turnover in Italy’s boating sector is forecast to show growth of approximately 9.7%, with as much as 11% growth projected for boatbuilding and close to 7% for the accessory and engine sectors combined.

The results showed 62% of survey respondents indicated growth in 2020 turnover based on their order book:

Company projections of 2019 growth
 Source: UCINA Confinidustria Nautica member survey
            37%          up to 5%
     14%   between 5-10%                   
    11%   more than 10%

More than 25% of respondents believe 2020 will be a year of stability, whereas only 11% foresee a contraction in the market.