One of Europe’s biggest boat-producing countries, the UK industry registered its fifth year of growth in 2016 and the trend looks likely to have continued through 2017. Marine companies from all segments generated total industry sales of £3.01bn (€3.8bn) in 2016 – a 1.6% rise compared to the previous 12-month period. Full-time employment across the industry’s 4,568 businesses grew nearly 5% to more than 33,000 jobs for the year (down approximately 6% from peak workforce levels of 35,200 in 2007/08).

According to a report released in September this year by trade association British Marine, UK boatbuilders grew production by 1.5% to 9,907 units in 2016. Revenue increased by 1.6%, generating £859m in turnover in 2016, meaning that boat production accounts for more than one-third of the the industry’s £3.01bn revenue. Some £724m, or 84%, was derived from exports, an increase of 35%.


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