Europe posted its fastest growth since 2007 as economic recovery consolidated and delivered real GDP growth of 2.6% in 2017. Against that backdrop, a return of consumer confidence and willingness to spend on discretionary items finally gave traditional boating markets in Europe the boost they needed to put boat sales in the industry’s second biggest market back on a growth path. Rising employment and incomes have provided a sustainable foundation for continued GDP gains in 2018, albeit at more modest forecast pace of 2.1%.

Our annual round-up reveals that Europe-based businesses are trying to make the most of the turnaround and reaping some of their best results across the region in a decade. Consolidated figures for Europe demonstrate Europe holds huge potential for boating, as home to an estimated 36 million boaters, a fleet of some six million boats, and some of the world’s most coveted cruising grounds served by more than 4,500 marinas.


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