Small and medium-sized power sector remains engine room for growth, while charter sector sees rebound too

Spain’s recreational boat market saw a 9.65% increase in boat registrations in 2019 (6,080) compared to 2018 (5,545). Of the total registrations, 4,518 were for vessels intended for private use, while the charter market recorded 1,562 registrations, 3.58% more than last year, reflecting a new rebound in this market that in 2018 experienced a fall of -6.5%, after historical growth of 60% since 2014.

The following data is taken from the ’Report of the pleasure boat market, January-December 2019’, edited by ANEN based on the analysis of the information provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Navy.

National data

For lengths, the best results were recorded in the segment between 8 and 12m with registrations growing 41.9%, followed by vessels up to 6m (+10.4%) and lengths between 12 and 16m also growing by 3.9%.

Boats registrations for boats between 6m-8m fell in 2019 by -1.3% and lengths greater than 16m also saw a drop (-8.7%).

The greatest demand of the Spanish nautical market continues to be for smaller vessels, up to 8 meters in length, which represent 87.7% of total registrations in 2019.

By markets, sailboat registrations are the fastest growing (+ 30.9%), followed by foldable inflatable boats (+ 4.3%), PWCs (+ 13.5%) and motorboats (+ 9.8%) that remained the most demanded boats in Spain in 2019 with a 43.2% market share.

The rental market returns to positive data, as had been anticipated in the reports of the pleasure craft market published by ANEN in 2019, and closes the year with a growth of boat registrations for charter of 3.58%.

The most demanded boats for rental use in 2019 were those of up to 8m in length that represent 84.3% of the nautical charter market.

PWCs represent 40% of the nautical charter market along with motorboats (33.8%) being the most demanded in Spain in 2019 for rental use.

Balearic Islands leads the Spanish nautical market in 2019

With the largest market share (18.85%) and with an increase in its enrollment of 20.16%, the Balearic Islands closes 2019 at the head of the Spanish nautical market. Andalusia is in second place with 19.2% of the recreational craft market and a growth of 20%, of its enrollment of 17.2%. Catalonia, in third place, represents 18.6% of the nautical market in 2019 and shows an increase in its enrollment of 8.45%.

In the rental market, the Balearic Islands is also positioned as the Autonomous Community with the largest market share (24.3%), followed by Catalonia (23.4%) and the Valencian Community (17.8%).