Over €1.5bn worth of 30m-plus yachts were delivered by shipyards in the Netherlands last year

Dutch superyacht yards delivered over €1.5bn worth of 30m-plus yachts to owners last year, with a further 60 superyachts in various stages of construction.

According to SuperYacht Times, six Dutch yards launched 18 superyachts of over 30m in length between them. They had an estimated value of some €1,556,000,000, which means the average superyacht cost around €86m.

New yacht sales were also buoyant, with orders being placed for another 17 motoryachts and two sailing yachts in the Netherlands. This brings the total number of new builds underway to 60, 13 of which are longer than 80m.

“These figures showcase the scaling up of orders from clients looking to have their vision for large superyachts translated into reality at the highest possible quality level,” says HISWA Holland Yachting Group export director Jeroen Sirag.

“The average value of the 2018 deliveries is a record figure, one which reflects the extraordinary degree of sophistication of these vessels and the ongoing readiness of wealthy individuals to come to the Netherlands and invest in the finest yachts money can buy.”

Dutch superyacht builders have foreseen industry trends in advance and prepared accordingly, says HISWA. The new Feadship yard in Amsterdam is a prime example. “This facility will allow us to build new Feadships up to 160m long and 22m wide,” explains Feadship director Jan-Bart Verkuyl. “Combined with the second giant hall now being built at the Feadship Makkum yard, it significantly enhances our options for clients.”

Other companies are set to announce additional facilities in the Amsterdam region soon.