Swedish marine industry association says sales are stable or up slightly for the current boating season

As the Scandinavian boating season comes to an end, Sweboat, the Swedish marine industry association, says its member companies are reporting stable sales and positive growth in certain segments of the market compared to this time last year.

The figures, which come from a survey of Sweboat member companies, were presented in the two weeks leading up to the recent Marstrand and Stockholm floating boat shows.

The results from the survey show that:

  • 43% of Sweboat member companies believe the season was the same or better (up 1%-10%) than last year
  • 6% said the season was much better with an increase up to 20%
  • Sales of new, smaller motorboats up to 6m in length are more or less the same as the same period in 2018. However, there’s small growth (up 1%-10%) for larger motorboats over 6m in length
  • The market for used boats shows a small increase (up 1%-10%) compared with 2018 for boats of all sizes
  • The majority of Sweboat member companies selling sailboats report sales are in line with 2018, which means a relatively small total. The figures for used sailboats show the same trend
  • Up to 60% of companies active in sales of new boat engines, sales of spare parts, insurance, finance or services said this season was as good as last year or report a small increase of up to 10%
  • 60% of respondents noticed a small increase in customers who haven’t tried boating before
  • 32% believe this season will be up to 10% better than last year, while 34% believe it will be in line with 2018

Sweboat is is the trade organisation representing the Swedish marine industry. The group has around 400 member companies and organisations from across the country.