Retail sales were up 5% on a rolling three-month yoy basis

New US powerboat registrations through September show retail sales down just under 1% on a rolling 12-month year-over-year basis and up 5% on a rolling three-month year-over-year basis, bringing retail units “back on par with last year”, according to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

A wet, cool spring and massive flooding throughout much of the US saw a late start to the boating season, which NMMA’s director of business intelligence Vicky Yu said turned around later in summer.

“We saw an encouraging pickup in new powerboat sales in July, August and September,” she said in a statement from the trade group. “This pickup offset some of the lag in certain segments the first half of 2019, putting us back on par with where retail unit sales were this time a year ago.”

Sales of new personal watercraft, wake sport boats and larger saltwater fishing boats continue to lead growth with all three up 7% on the annual measure, while up between 11% and 13% on the three-month rolling scale.

Sales of new freshwater aluminium fishing boats are down 6% from year-ago highs and down a modest 0.5% on the three-month rolling measure, which NMMA said reflects a softening in that market segment.