Latest NMMA statistics show a 6.4% rise over the previous year

2018 closed as the ninth consecutive year of growth for the US boating industry, according to the latest statistics from the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

Total wholesale powerboat shipments for the year grew 6.4% from a control group of NMMA members representing 77% of the powerboat market.

Fibreglass sterndrive boat shipments came about in 2018, ending the year up 3.3%, and led, not surprisingly, by the ski/tow sport segment, which closed the year up nearly 14.5%.

The strong 2018 performance comes amid reports that US boat manufacturing should soften in the summer of 2019 well into 2020. Some forecasts predict at the low point, projected for spring of 2020, production levels will be on par with fourth-quarter of 2018.