Maretron vessel monitoring products are now part of the Carling Technologies portfolio

Carling Technologies in the US has announced the complete consolidation of the Maretron brand of vessel monitoring and control products into its portfolio. 

According to a statement, the transaction ”builds on a relationship originated in January 2007 under a multi-phased strategic and equity investment agreement” between Carling and Maretron.

“By drawing upon Carling’s 99 years of design and manufacturing experience, the acquisition adds strength to Maretron, a brand that is synonymous with the highest quality marine vessel monitoring and control solutions,” says Carline vice president, Rick Sorenson Jr.

Carling, which is headquartered in Plainville, Connecticut, makes switching, control and circuit protection products for a multitude of markets.

As a brand of Carling Technologies, Maretron will benefit from an “aggressive investment” in technology and customer service to support the continued development of products and solutions.

“Together with Carling, our ability to deliver world-class products to OEMs, dealers, and end users is enhanced,” says Kip Wasilewski, Mareton’s director of sales. “Carling adds valuable engineering resources and expands our product portfolio to include digital switching and enhanced vessel control functions.

“In addition, Carling’s vast experience in the transportation industry will positively impact our strategy to bring core technology to the marine market,” Wasilewski adds.

Maretron’s co-founder, Frank Emnett, will continue to lead new product engineering and development of Maretron products as VP of Engineering, Control & Monitoring Systems.

The base of operations for the Maretron brand is currently in the process of being moved from Phoenix, Arizona to a Carling facility in Jupiter, Florida.