US builder to focus on its larger Carver and Marquis yacht lines

Marquis Yachts in the US has announced the sale of its Larson boat line and the lay-off of 30 administrative and production workers.

Matthew Vetzner, vice president of marketing for Marquis, told IBI the company has decided to focus on its larger Carver and Marquis yacht lines, as well as the special Lexus project boat, scheduled for production in November.

Vetzner said that a lack of skilled workers contributed to the move.

“The difficulty in acquiring and retaining skilled workers is causing us to move the more knowledgeable, experienced, skilled Larson production people to the larger boats,” Vetzner said.

Marquis announced in July the discontinuation of its entire line of semi-custom cruisers and plans to introduce entirely new models at the 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Then in September, Japanese automaker Lexus selected Marquis to build its LY650 luxury sport yacht.

“It is our desire and hope that as the new Marquis and Lexus lines ramp-up, some of these individuals will be asked to return,” Vetzner said.

Marquis Yachts employs approximately 400 people in Pulaski, Wisconsin. The Larson Boats line consist of aluminum fishing and pontoon boats.

Vetzner said both the lay-offs and Larson sale should be completed by year’s-end.