Both companies will continue to do business under their existing names

Polytech Development Corp, a US manufacturer of specialty polymers, has acquired Pro Marine Supplies, which distributes epoxy coating resins for a variety of professional and hobbyist applications.

This is Polytech’s third acquisition in the past two months, and the sixth since 2015.

Polytek serves millwork manufacturing, the special effects industry for movies, do-it-yourself home improvement projects and engineered stone products. The acquisition allows Polytek to expand its ability to offer casting solutions to these customers.

“What led to all the acquisitions is really our strategy of targeting the moulding and casting industry and all of the major polymers that are useful in that industry and all the sales channels necessary to serve the customer base,” Jonathan Kane, CEO of Polytek told Lehigh Valley Business.

Pro Marine Supplies will maintain most of its employees at the Englewood, Florida facility while some will relocate to a new chemical handling operation Polytek is building in Michigan. Polytek employs more than 120 people in its facilities, which are located in California, Michigan and Indiana.

The two companies will continue to do business under their existing names.