The two US brokerage firms already share the Northwest and Tayana boat brands

Less than a year after opening an office on the US east coast, Seattle Yachts has purchased Cabrillo Yacht Sales of San Diego, California.

The Cabrillo acquisition now gives Seattle Yachts a presence in Seattle, and Anacortes, Wshington, San Diego, California, and Palm Beach, Florida, with satellite brokers in the San Juan Islands and the Philippines.

“We are excited for the future,” said Peter Whiting, Seattle Yachts’ managing partner, in a company news release. “Having locations in major boating destinations on both coasts will truly allow us to serve our customers better and expand our new yacht offerings.”

Cabrillo and Seattle Yachts share the Northwest and Tayana boat brands.

“It was a natural fit for us to acquire Cabrillo Yacht Sales given that we share some of the same brands, but also because of Seattle Yachts’ growth strategy,” Whiting said.