Charity & Taylor has been acquired by Aage Hempel Group

UK-based marine electronics services specialist, Charity & Taylor, has been acquired by Aage Hempel Group, one of the largest marine electronics groups in Europe, and a subsidiary of Grupo Arbulu. Aage Hempel also has a dedicated division within its operations which comprise 120 office worldwide.

Charity & Taylor has been operating for around 30 years and it serves all areas of the marine market, but superyachts accounted for about 20% of its revenues last year. The company is well-established in the UK market, and is a leader in technical solutions and support for the maritime sector in the UK.

Originally founded in Lowestoft in 2004, now with offices in Great Yarmouth, Aberdeen, Falmouth and Grangemouth, Charity & Taylor specialises in the supply of ship equipment, satellite communications and commercial marine electronics.

Nigel Darling, former CEO & owner of Charity & Taylor, commented: “Through consistent work, we managed to bring Charity & Taylor among the reputable companies in the UK. The acquisition by Aage Hempel Group ensures the continued growth which is important both to our staff as well as our customers.”

For Grupo Arbulu, Iñaki Arbulu, CEO, said: “Charity & Taylor is a solid company in the UK which will contribute very positively to Aage Hempel Group growth, and potential synergies for expansion for other specialised companies within Grupo Arbulu, especially within the merchant, fishing, and megayacht niches. We are very excited to have a new member onboard, and the great plan for the future together.”

“We are excited to share Charity & Taylor is becoming a part of Aage Hempel Group,” remarked Ioannis Papaefthymiou, Aage Hempel Group’s managing director. “This addition further expands our abilities and opportunities, especially in the UK market. Very importantly, it is in full alignment with our core business, given customers around the world want us as their tech partner. They need a reliable partner that can deploy the best solutions and cutting-edge technology, but with maximum efficiency and competitiveness. Aage Hempel is devoted to humbly providing the same high level of service to all customers, both big and small.”

Rodger Perks, the newly appointed managing director of Charity & Taylor, said: “Charity & Taylor is both well-placed and highly-regarded in the offshore support sector operating from Aberdeen, Grangemouth and Great Yarmouth. The business in Falmouth specialises in the high-end yacht market with equipment supply, support and installation, as well as satellite connectivity. Aage Hempel Group will add a new and important worldwide focus enabling Charity & Taylor access to an expanded range of products, services and technical resource, providing entry into new international business sectors while Aage Hempel Group will gain a mature, strategic hub at a critical time as the UK leaves the EU.”