M2MBlue is a leading supplier of secure internet services to superyachts

Britain’s fast-expanding Wireless Logic Group has acquired M2MBlue of the Netherlands, a company that combines cellular, satellite and land connections to deliver secure internet services to passengers onboard superyachts and ocean liners.

M2MBlue was founded in 2015. Its clients include systems integrators, developers and tech companies that rely on it to deliver vast amounts of data through high-bandwidth applications to isolated locations.

For the superyacht sector, M2MBlue provides portals with pre-programmed real-time services for owners, charters and brokers.

Wireless Logic Group did not reveal a purchase price for M2MBlue, its fifth acquisition in four years and the first since Montagu Private Equity invested in the organisation in mid-2018.

Wireless Logic Group sees its M2MBlue acquisition raising revenues for 2019/20 to around €100m. Company CEO Oliver Tucker said he wants to “capitalise on M2MBlue’s experience in the ultra-high data usage space.”

M2MBlue founder Christian Westers said he was pleased to join “an increasingly global player in the connectivity world.”