Dutch trade groups to merge in 2020

Members of HISWA Holland Marine, the Dutch boating sector lobby, and RECRON, the Netherlands’ leisure industry trade group, have agreed to merge. Representing almost 2,500 companies, the two parties will act as a strategic alliance.

HISWA Holland Marine director Geert Dijks says: “RECRON and HISWA complement each other. We are a strong and significant alliance.”

Representing 1,600 leisure sector companies, RECRON has significant lobby heft with the Dutch government. With 850 members active in yacht building and watersports, HISWA is a well-known consumer brand and is strong in marketing, promotion and product development.

The HISWA-RECRON merger takes effect January 1, 2020. In 2019, the two groups will set up a joint, 30-staff office. Their alliance of “natural partners” will stage joint initiatives benefitting a broad range of leisure sector companies.

The new organisation will comprise three departments: Recreation & Leisure, Yacht Building & Water Sports and Policy & Consulting. The latter will deal with social policies, legal advice, product development, training and member benefits.

The new merger creates a broad alliance of leisure companies: from camping and bungalow companies to watersports companies to boatbuilders, brokers, naval architects, marinas, charterers, retailers and exporters.

The HISWA name stays in effect for certification of companies and people and for use during trade shows and export promotion drives.