Westside Sailing GmbH and Westside Sailing B.V take over Bali dealership for North and West Germany and the Netherlands

Westside Sailing GmbH, based in Cologne, and Westside Sailing B.V. in Lemmer, have taken over the dealership of Bali Catamarans for North and West Germany and the Netherlands.

Westside Sailing GmbH became dealer for the Bavaria sailing range in the same area back in 2013, and since last year, Westside Sailing B.V, has been a Bavaria sailboat dealer for the Netherlands.

CEO Thomas Thurau, who ran Holland Sailing, a Bavaria dealership for the Netherlands between 2001 and 2011, believes the Bali range to be an ideal addition to the Bavaria product line, due he claims to the unique completely enclosed living area that makes Bali the most useable catamaran in more northern climes.

The first demo, a Bali 4.1 will arrive in April 2020 in Lemmer, The Netherlands.