Polish-built daysailer named best sailing yacht design at Wind and Water show in Warsaw

The winner of the Gdynia President’s Award for the best sailing yacht design at the Wind and Water Boat Show in Poland this year was the N’Fun 30 sailing yacht, locally made in Poland by N’Fun Yachting from Gizycko.

Markek Stanczyk, one of the owning partners of N’Fun Yachting, is a national sailing champion in Poland and the winner of World Cup Match racing regattas.

“It may sound strange, but N’Fun 30 is a yacht for sailing – not for tourism, living on or display in the port,” said Stanczyk at the awards ceremony. “It weighs only 2,300kg, it is stable but fast, has a black mast, black sails, a lot of carbon fibre inserts. The most beautiful view is outside. Its interior can be custom finished to the owner’s requirements. The Gdynia Yacht Design 2018 award is our assurance that what we do, we do well.”

Speaking to IBI at the show, Stanczk said: “The project started with three friends who have been sailing together since we were young. The business started four years ago with our own factory and we have a target to build five boats per annum.

“The boat is not a race boat but designed as a fast, fun boat suitable for shallow waters. It looks sporty but is easy to sail – the equivalent in car terms to an Audi A5.

“We use vacuum infusion for building the laminates. Thanks to the resin infusion process, we can produce an exceptionally light and stiff hull. We use CNC machines to cut the bulkheads and the interior components to ensure they all fit perfectly during assembly of the boat.

“The sails are designed by 3D software to ensure they perform perfectly to drive the boat to its maximum performance. The boat is suitable for day sailing, week-ending, regattas, club racing and sailing schools.”

The designer of the N’Fun 30, Eugeniusz Ginter, created the boat with four objectives in mind:

    Pleasurable fun sailing

    Ability to sleep inside the boat

    Easily transported by trailer

    Hydraulic lifting keel for shallow draft operations and ease of launch

The N’Fun is 9m long with a hydraulic 700kg lifting keel that can be raised in five seconds. The draft is 1.8m with the keel down and 50cm up. Boat displacement is 2.2 tonnes.

The N’Fun will be exhibited at the Southampton Boat Show in the UK in September and dealers have already been established in France, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands and the UK.