Key metrics will be shared throughout the coming year.


The National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) core purpose should remain advocacy and market expansion to promote and protect recreational boating, and its board of directors has approved a strategic plan to guide those activities for the next three years.

The plan is designed to further the association’s impact for its members and the recreational boating community, to ensure the US industry remains strong, stable, and successful.

The NMMA will continue to heavily focus on and invest in federal and state advocacy, as well as research and promotion focused on retaining and recruiting new boaters through Grow Boating and Discover Boating initiatives while continuing to provide engineering standards and certification, statistics, boat and sport shows, trade events, and export development.

The planning process was guided by NMMA Senior Vice President of Strategy, Engineering Standards, and Membership Robert Newsome, and Potomac Core Consulting, an association strategy firm, and included members of the NMMA Executive Committee.

“While we weren’t surprised by the outcome, conducting the research allows us to better understand the impact and importance of NMMA’s existing programs and reaffirms our commitment in these areas,” said Ben Speciale, president of Yamaha US Marine Business Unit and chair of the NMMA Board of Directors in an association statement.

“The research also shined a light on opportunities that need additional investments within advocacy, keeping and attracting new boaters, and building a competent workforce. Over the next few years, the strategic plan will guide the association as it works to continue growing and protecting the industry while acting as a blueprint for the association’s leadership team.”

The NMMA board and staff have already begun work in support of the plan and will be sharing key metrics throughout the coming year.