UK builder in strategic partnership with Lloyd’s Register to approve all new builds

Following the dramatic events at Oyster Yachts earlier this year, the UK boatbuilder is now on a strong strategic development course to restore and expand the brand to its former glory.

In an August update provided by CCO Paul Adamson, a number of actions were highlighted. These include the launch, in 12 months’ time, of a new entry-level model.

Oyster has also entered into a strategic partnership with Lloyd’s Register to monitor and approve all new-yacht builds going forward.

Regarding the new entry-level model, few details are available. Referring to the new model in a video newsletter presentation, Adamson said: “The other thing we’ve got going on between the design team, between the sales team, between the management team, is that we’re working very closely with Humphrey’s Yacht Design to actually develop a brand-new Oyster; a smaller Oyster that’s actually going to get that dream a bit closer to people. And that yacht will be sailing in 12 months’ time.”

The current smallest Oyster is 15m (50ft), so the new model is anticipated to be in the 10.5m-13.5m (35ft-39ft) range. It is possible more details will be presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival and Southampton show, which, along with the Monaco Yacht Show, the company will exhibit at.

In terms of the new strategic partnership with Lloyd’s Register, Adamson explains: “As the yacht is built, they will survey the yacht all the way through build and the yacht will leave here with a Lloyd’s Register moulding certificate. It just adds that extra layer of quality and assurance and safety to the yachts that we build.”

Oyster is also working to improve its calendar of owner events. “We’ve been looking very hard at our owner events, our family events, in terms of how we can make these even better. So, we’re very excited about the Palma regatta that’s coming up in just a few months’ time. There’s a completely new format, it’s completely fresh, and it’s going back to the spirit of Oyster.”

As a summary, Adamson said that the message is simple. “We’re here to stay, we’re here for the long term, and Oyster is firmly back in business.”