Christian Brewer returns to UK deck hardware manufacturer after three-year absence

Christian Brewer and Barton CEO Suzanne Blaustone

Christian Brewer and Barton CEO Suzanne Blaustone

Barton Marine, the UK-based deck hardware manufacturer, has announced that Christian Brewer is returning to the company as global sales manager after three years working as a yacht broker.

Brewer will be picking up his previous management role at Barton to drive business growth and bring his wealth of knowledge to assist with the potential challenges of Brexit. Brewer previously worked as sales manager for Barton over nine years from 2007-2016.

“Christian brings a wealth of sales history and marketing acumen to the Barton team,” says CEO Suzanne Blaustone. “We could not be more proud and happy to welcome him back to the Barton front line.”

Able to hit the ground running due to his extensive understanding of the Barton Marine product range and existing close relationships with the distribution network, Brewer will be assisting with business development and new product launch plans from day one. He will be based at Barton’s UK headquarters in Whitstable, Kent.