CBITA has successfully completed the new appointments to its management board. The organisation and leadership structure of the Fifth Council of the China Boat Industry and Trade Association is as follows:

  • Mr Chen Wenbo is the new president and leads the work of CBITA in all its aspects
  • Ms Tang Weiwei serves as the new vice president and assists the president in managing the day to day business of the association
  • Mr Hua Chengchang is the news secretary general of the board of directors and is now in charge of the work of secretariat

CBITA is the longest established Boat Industry Association in China and has the largest number of members. The Secretariat of the new Council of the association has moved offices to the CISS.

The new leaders of the association will be committed to liaise between the government and the enterprises it represents to promote the rapid development of China’s boat and yacht industry, and to facilitate international exchanges and cooperation.