Denise Hill joins UK yacht transporter’s Customs & VAT team

Denise Hill, Customs Advisor at Peters & May

Denise Hill, Customs Advisor at Peters & May

Peters & May, the UK-based logistics firm, has hired a new Customs Advisor in the run-up to Britain’s departure from the EU next month.

“With much uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the constantly evolving customs environment, Peters & May continue to make steps to ensure as smooth a transition as possible,” says the company in a statement.

One such step is the appointment of Denise Hill. Joining Peters & May’s Customs & VAT Manager Simon Beck, Hill’s role as an experienced Customs Advisor will further strengthen the in-house Customs & VAT advice and expertise that Peters & May can offer.

Both Beck and Hill will be hosting a ‘Brexit and Beyond’ seminar on March 12 at the Holiday Inn Eastleigh in Southampton. The event will be tailored to business preparations for importing and exporting under a ‘No Deal’ scenario.

Reviewing government documentation, looking into new procedures, and planning for the switch from CHIEF to CDS will all be covered.

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