Fulvio Dodich

Fulvio Dodich

After 22 years in the nautical industry, Fulvio Dodich sets off on a new adventure in the boating world, this time as the chairman and partner of Rosetti Superyachts, an Italian company producing superyachts, long-range supply vessels and expedition yachts from 35m-140m, with an extensive shipbuilding heritage coming from the Rosetti Marino Group. Holding senior positions in the past at both Ferretti and Sanlorenzo, Dodich brings with him a deep knowledge of the luxury market, as well as sales and marketing.


Q. Can you tell us about Rosetti Marino Group’s decision to move into the superyacht sector, having had a long history in the construction of commercial ships and platform supply vessels?

I am originally from Ravenna where Rosetti is located and I have always appreciated the company for its ethical values and incredible production facility. In March last year, the group contacted me as they were planning to enter the superyacht sector. On June 30, 2017, we created Rosetti Superyachts, a holding company in which I have a 10% stake. The company can benefit from Rosetti Marino’s experience, solid financial background and exceptional facilities and also from my knowledge of the nautical sector. I’m convinced Rosetti Superyachts will be able to offer products to the market that do not exist at present.

Q. How do you plan to apply Rosetti’s long shipbuilding experience to the superyacht sector?

In the world of shipbuilding and commercial boat construction, Rosetti Marino has always distinguished itself by two main characteristics: first, it is a deeply ethical company, with a long and detailed code of ethics. We have adopted this code also inside Rosetti Superyachts – a 14-page document that outlines the behaviour that the company intends to have not only towards its clients, but also towards its staff, the local entities and the environment.

Secondly, Rosetti Marino’s experience in creating commercial ships that normally operate in difficult conditions gives us an invaluable technological and engineering heritage, allowing us to build extremely reliable and technically advanced boats. We are able to build yachts with the same standards of safety and reliability during navigation offered by the Dutch and German shipyards, maintaining a style and elegance typical of our Italian origins.

Q. Rosetti Marino Group boasts a highly equipped production facility in the Ravenna area, which has recently delivered 122 of vessels from 24m-100m. What changes have been carried out to begin the production of superyachts?

The Rosetti Marino Group’s San Vitale production area, located in the Italian Port of Ravenna, covers a total area of 250,000m2, of which berthage and a covered surface are approximately 17,000m2. With its two construction sheds, its 4,000m2 of mechanical workshops, assembly halls with overhead cranes, a dry-dock measuring 160m x 25m and a 175m-long quay with a 7.5m draft, the shipyard boasts incredible facilities. In view of the future growth in the superyacht business expected for the next 10 years, the group has purchased an additional 50,000m2 production site, in which a covered area for superyacht construction will be built in parallel with the reception, design and construction of the first superyachts.

Q. What distinguishes Rosetti Superyachts from its competitors?

In terms of the company, I think that Rosetti’s code of ethics really distinguishes us from many other shipyards. Rosetti Marino’s long expertise in the field of shipbuilding also enables us to benefit from state-of-the-art production facilities and equipment for propulsion, automation, navigational aids, control systems, and, more generally, in technological innovation that few other shipyards in the world can offer. Finally, Marino Rosetti Group has a global reputation for respecting delivery times and for its effective post-delivery support, which is crucial for clients that want to buy a superyacht.

In terms of boats, a Rosetti superyacht can cruise at extreme latitudes in the safest and most reliable conditions, thanks to the very high technical levels that we offer. Each boat is also fully customisable, drawing on the experience of different designers, among them Tommaso Spadolini with whom we have a special relationship, and also choosing between different naval architects and partners such as Rolls-Royce and Hydrotec for the hulls.

Q. Why did you choose Tommaso Spadolini as designer of your vessels?

I have known Tommaso for about 25 years and he is one of the first people I contacted. Tommaso is an extremely good, professional and smart naval designer who in his career has collaborated with several shipyards designing from small boats to superyachts. For us he has developed a range of superyachts and supply vessels with a family feeling that range from 38m-85m, with different characteristics. We don’t have an exclusive relation with Tommaso. We have other naval designers, for example, Giovanni Griggio from Phi Design Lab, as well as several Italian and Dutch naval architects that take care of the engineering aspects of the boat.

Q.Tommaso Spadolini recently declared that the announced 85m supply vessel yacht is the most ‘authentic’ yacht he has ever designed in 40 years. In what way is the project authentic?

This yacht is ‘authentic’ in that it combines the elegance and spirit of a superyacht with the safety and reliability of a commercial boat, a ‘mix’ that will allow the owner to cruise in extreme seas, any time of the year and in maximum comfort.

Q. Tell us something more about the product range you are offering.

We supply support vessels and explorer yachts from 35m-140m, fully customisable and built according to the highest safety and quality standards of the Rosetti Marino Group. We have semi-displacement ships with low fuel consumption and with a minimum autonomy of 4,000Nm. That makes it possible to cross the Atlantic without stopping. We have supply vessels and explorer yachts that can carry tenders of various sizes on board to sail in shallow waters. Our explorer boats have sturdy hulls with characteristics that allow the owner to sail the Northwest Passage and in the Arctic and Antarctic, which is impossible for conventional superyachts. Finally, we are particularly good in the production of pleasure boats meeting Ice-Class certification requirements.

Q. What is the Remote Control Navigation system? Why is it useful to boat owners?

A Thanks to our collaboration with Rosetti Marino’s R&D department, we are at the forefront of technical innovation. We were able to transfer avant-garde Remote Control technology from the commercial sector to our yachts. This revolutionary System is based on a M2M connection (machine-to-machine) system installed aboard Giano Tug, a Lloyds Register-certified tugboat. By using a remote console that can be located in a land-based office, the vessel can be manoeuvred using the same controls found on the yacht’s bridge. This technology is a plus for yacht owners during long transfers, because it enhances security during navigation in order to avoid collisions, thereby offering the potential to reduce management and insurance costs. Moreover, it gives the owner the possibility to ‘monitor’ his yacht from dry land and also drive it from there using the remote console.

Q. What are the markets you are more active in?

A Right now we are meeting prospects from Europe and the Far East. We were present at the Monaco Yacht Show, our only European boat show, and later at the Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach boat shows in the US, a very important market for us. 

Q. You have a 22-year-long experience in the boating industry at Ferretti and Sanlorenzo. How has the boating market changed since then?

Clients are increasingly interested in bigger boats, so sizes have kept on growing. Shipyards have enlarged their ranges to adapt. We have decided to concentrate in particular on the 75m-80m range, exploiting Rosetti Marino’s expertise in the engineering and build of very complicated and highly technical commercial vessel