NMMA’s senior VP of government relations and legal affairs to help lead committee on consumer goods

NMMA's Nicole Vasilaros

NMMA’s Nicole Vasilaros

Nicole Vasilaros has been elected as vice chair of the International Trade Advisory Committee on Consumer Goods (ITAC), one of 14 trade advisory committees jointly managed by the US Department of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative (USTR).

Vasilaros, the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s (NMMA) senior vice president of government relations and legal affairs, will help lead the committee which provides policy and technical advice and recommendations to the Secretary of Commerce and the USTR regarding trade barriers, negotiations of trade agreements, and implementation of existing trade agreements affecting industry sectors.

The USTR is designed to engage business leaders in formulating US trade policy. Prior to being elected vice chairman, Vasilaros served as a general member on the committee.