Trevor Fenlon, COO promoted to managing director/CEO

Trevor Fenlon, former COO of Windy and Draco has been promoted to managing director/CEO of the boatbuilder. He will be reporting directly to the Board of Directors of Windy Scandinavia AB and on a daily basis will work closely with the executive chairman on strategic planning including specific projects connected to the Windy and Draco brands. 

Knut Heiberg-Andersen, previous CEO of Windy, will hold the new position as executive chairman and Advisor/Mentor to the management team. “My main tasks will be to actively coordinate a new flagship project and to liaise proactively with yacht designers, dealers and brokers within the marine industry, revitalizing DRACO and supporting the managing director and his key people”. 

With the promotion of Trevor Fenlon, Windy Scandinavia AB has its top management well positioned in Västervik. In the coming months, Fenlon intends to present his plans for the further development of its Swedish - and Polish operations; - the upgrading of Customer Support, Quality Management as a three year Model Program (2020 – 2022). 

Heiberg-Andersen said in a statement: ”Trevor has great confidence in our capability to become ’the best yacht tender builder in the world’ and he has every intention to pursue his vision. That being said, his visions are founded on the strength of our brand, - our highly skilled work force and our passion to deliver some of the best boats in the world. Our range of Sportboats will continue to be our core business and the platform for our future roadmaps. 

”Trevor takes the helm at the time we are launching our new Windy SR 44 Blackhawk, - a luxury chase boat for the yacht markets and a superb family weekender for the discriminating boat Owner. Under his leadership the Windy RS & Windy SR-range as well as the Custom – and Semi- Custom Yacht Tenders will be tuned and balanced to further strengthen our brands.”