New marinas to be built in northern Poland

Poland’s Pomerania region, located on the country’s Baltic Sea shore, will develop new marinas worth a total of PLN 36m (US$10m) in the coming years, according to Mayor of Gdansk Aleksandra Dulkiewicz.

Owing to the forthcoming investments, the region’s berthing capacity is to be increased by about 500. The projects will be carried out with the use of funds acquired from the European Union funds.

Among the planned projects, two marina investments are to be carried out by Gdansk, the region’s capital and largest city, according to  the mayor.

“This will include the modernisation and expansion of the existing marina in Górki Zachodnie. The value of this investment is close to PLN 20m, of which PLN 12m will originate from the European Union,” Dulkiewicz said, as reported by local broadcaster Radio Gdansk. 

The second project will be developed in the city’s north-eastern part. Under the plan, the construction of a new marina will cost about PLN 6m (US$1.7m), of which PLN 4m (US$1.1m) will be provided by the EU. A deal to launch the investment was signed in late November.