Draft order to reduce rate for owners of larger vessels

The Polish Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways is drafting a new regulation with the aim to cap the country’s yacht registration fees.

The draft ordinance establishes a maximum fee of PLN 60 (€14), significantly reducing its rate for owners or larger craft. Under current rules, the fee is calculated based on a yacht’s length, and it can reach up to PLN 375 (€87) for a craft with a length of 24 metres (79ft).

The new regulation will complement Poland’s law on registration of yachts and other craft with a length of up to 24 metres which was passed by the country’s parliament earlier this year. Under the plan, the cap on registration fees will enter into force on 1 January 2020. 

The ministry has released its draft ordinance for a public consultation, and it is currently awaiting the opinions of the invited stakeholders. These include local trade unions OPZZ, NSZZ Solidarity, and FZZ, employers’ organisations PRP, Lewiatan, and Business Centre Club, as well as local industry associations, such as the Polish Sailing Association (PZZ) and the Polish Motorboat and Waterski Federation (PZMiNW), among others.