Pressure from assembly could see host of boating regulations passed in 2016 finally enacted into law

The Cayman Islands could see a host of boating regulations passed in 2016 finally enacted into law if one Legislative Assembly Member gets his way.

Assembly Member Ezzard Miller, responding to several recent boating accidents, told the Cayman Compass: “The police can’t stop anybody because there are no rules.” There are no regulations requiring a boat operator to have a licence or certificate, and there are also no laws regulating drinking and boating.

Under the regulations adopted in 2016, but never enacted, people owning boats larger than 21 feet and powered by engines in excess of 150 horsepower would need to pass a required test on boat safety, rules of navigation, and the general operation of boats in Cayman waters.

Additionally, Miller said in a statement, “New safety regulations should extend to requiring registration of all boats in the Cayman Islands and annual inspection similar to that for vehicles on land.”

Miller said the regulations were passed in 2016 in part to help lower insurance rates for commercial operators and for generally safer boating conditions in Cayman waters. He isn’t sure why the rules were never enacted.

“I suspect it’s lobbying from people in the industry who don’t want to comply,” he said. “Most are concerned that the people they have in the boats can’t pass [certification].”