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    Yacht tourism takes centre stage in Greek elections


    Government must work harder at supporting the marine industry, SITESAP president tells political hopefulls

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    China Section 301 Tariffs list 3 exclusion process opens Sunday


    Web portal for submitting exclusion requests will open at mid-day on Sunday, 30 June,

  • Correct Craft Bill Yeargin

    Yeargin: Tariffs hurting Floridians US$178m so far


    In his latest salvo against the Trump Administration’s tariff wars, Correct Craft president and CEO Bill Yeargin warns the President’s policies are hurting both his economic gains and the very people he is trying to help.

  • Washington

    Trump defends Chinese tariffs


    President Donald Trump continues sabre rattling on the trade war front, threatening more tariffs on China while defending the tariffs his administration has put into place globally, while the Chinese are allegedly avoiding tariffs on some goods by way of Vietnam.

  • New Zealand's Hauraki-Gulf-Courtesy-Tourism-New-Zealand

    New Zealand drops daily anchorage fee


    Auckland Council has dropped a proposed daily anchoring fee that would have seen superyachts and other foreign-flagged vessels of over 40m billed each time they anchored within Auckland’s navigable waters. Industry association NZ Marine worked closely with the Council to ensure the tax was dropped.

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    Calls for Missouri motorboat ban to be enforced four years after approval


    Horsepower limits and a complete motor ban approved for Missouri’s Ozark National Scenic Riverway have yet to be enacted

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    US bans private boating to Cuba


    The Trump Administration on Tuesday banned most US travel to Cuba under the so-called ‘group people-to-people educational travel,’ to pressure the Communist island over its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

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    Recreational boating industry reels at proposed Mexico tariffs


    President Trump’s threat last week that he would impose additional tariffs on all goods from Mexico in order to force the government there to help curb illegal immigration into the United States has the recreational boating industry reeling and could jeopardize adoption of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).

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    Florida tops in boat thefts


    The state of Florida is consistently number one in boat registrations, so it stands to reason it would be the top state for boat thefts as well – and for the third straight year, it is.

  • BRP has manufactured Sea-Doo personal watercraft for the US market at its plant in Querétaro, Mexico since 2013

    Trump announces new tariff on Mexican goods


    US president Donald Trump raised eyebrows on Thursday when he took to Twitter to announce plans to impose a new 5% tariff on all goods imported from Mexico effective June 10.

  • Marinas19 Conference

    Australian MIA to ban single-use plastics at marinas by 2025


    The Australian Marinas Industries Association (MIA) has joined the global fight against plastic waste by announcing at its Marinas19 Conference a new policy aimed at eliminating single-use plastics in the country’s marinas. The conference, held every two years, ran from May 27-28 at the Sea World Resort in Southport on ...

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    Texas poised to give yacht owners US$2.3m tax break


    Calling it “more of a jobs bill” than a tax break, Texas State Senator Larry Taylor’s bill that would cap the amount of sales tax on boats up to 115ft at US$18,750 has moved one step closer to passage, which is expected and could cost the state US$2.3m over two ...

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    Tariffs take toll on US firms


    How two very different boating companies are impacted in different ways by the Trump administration’s tariff on Chinese goods

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    Bahamas targets US$50m in yacht charter fees


    The Bahamian government is focused on improving revenue and is targeting what one official calls the “low hanging fruit” of existing, uncollected revenue sources such as the island nation’s 4% yacht charter fee.

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    Greece implements new yacht cruising tax


    The Greek government has implemented its new cruising tax, also called the TEPAI, which was initially set to be introduced in early April. The news was issued by the UK-based Cruising Association (CA), many of whose members will likely be visiting Greek waters later this year.

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    US drops Section 232 tariffs against Canada, Mexico


    Friday afternoon’s announcement that the US government has rescinded its Section 232 tariffs on aluminium and steel imported from Canada and Mexico, and the corresponding removal of Mexican tariffs on US-made boats, are being interpreted as key steps toward ratification of a new free-trade deal to replace the 25-year-old North ...

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    IMO rejects ICOMIA’s alternative Tier III emission standard


    The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has rejected a proposal submitted by Turkey and ICOMIA (the International Council of Marine Industry Associations) at last week’s Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting that sought to mitigate the impact caused by the IMO’s new NOx Tier III regulations, says ICOMIA in a statement.

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    Aggressive advocacy strategy paying off for US boating industry


    When Thom Dammrich started as President of the National Marine Manufacturers’ Association (NMMA) 20 years ago, industry advocacy was a necessary evil, almost an afterthought. But two years ago, a decision to switch from defense to offense, and the subsequent action to do so, has paid off is some very ...

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    Oregon bill creating access permits for non-motorised vessels moves closer to passage


    The Oregon Joint Committee on Natural Resources has passed Senate Bill 47, which would create a new access permit for non-motorised vessels that incorporates the State’s aquatic invasive species permit and broadens its use by creating a waterway access fund.

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    Marine industry caught in the cross-fire of US-China trade war


    Increased US tariffs include recreational boats, inboard and outboard engines, and marine parts and components