The Polish parliament is currently working on a draft bill that will simplify the registration of yachts up to 24m (79ft).

The new legislation will involve a complete overhaul of the existing system in which sail and motor yachts can be registered with five different entities, including state institutions and sailing industry associations such as the Polish Sailing Association (PZZ).

The draft law was prepared by the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways.

Following the law’s entry into force, existing registration documents will need to be replaced within 30 months. The new registration will take the form of a plastic card.

Applications by yacht owners are to be submitted online. The data will be used to create a database that will allow a number of state institutions to monitor the registered yachts and their use.

The entities that currently collect the information on yacht registrations will be required to store this data for a period of five years following the issuing of new documents.