The Court of Justice of the EU ruled that Britain should not allow private pleausre craft to continue to use red diesel in 2018

The Cruising Association (CA), Britain’s leading organisation for cruising sailors, is urging UK boaters to respond to HMRC’s consultation on the future of red diesel.

In 2018, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled that the UK should not allow private pleasure craft to continue to use red diesel. HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs) has just issued its consultation document which outlines the proposed change to white diesel for the propulsion of powered leisure craft, including inland boats. The document contains a number of questions for owners of diesel-powered craft.

The Cruising Association (CA) is now urging all UK boaters who use diesel fuel to respond directly to these questions. HMRC has made it clear that it will only accept responses from individuals, and not a compilation of responses.

Interested parties can access the full document, Implementation of the Court of Justice of the European Union judgment on diesel fuel used in private pleasure craft, by clicking here on the website.

There are still some uncertainties about whether the CJEU ruling will actually be implemented in the UK, depending on the outcome of Brexit. Whatever the outcome, on behalf of CA members, RATS (the Regulations and Technical Services Committee), must make certain all the supply difficulties and all the problems of other stakeholders are properly and legally resolved during a workable transition period.

The CA is Britain’s leading organisation for cruising sailors with 6,300-plus members around the world, providing services, information, help and regulatory and technical advice to sailors worldwide.