Balearic government seeks to maximise capacity of existing facilities

As part of a review of the maritime sector of the Balearic Islands for the next 15 years a decision not to permit any new marina projects has been taken.

The objective behind this significant decision for a major yachting destination within the Mediterranean is that the government will seek to maximise the capacity of existing facilities. This includes making the most of the current potential for existing marinas while in some areas of the islands increasing the capacity through repairs and maintenance.

The government’s initiative aims to bring order to the marine recreational sector in the islands which it recognises is vital to the Balearics economy. They are also looking to create new jobs in the sector and it has plans to increase the network of drystacks; develop more access ramps to hard standing in marinas, plus making the most of spare land within the marinas to in part, create more berths.

These are some of the suggestions in the General Port Plan for the islands which looks ahead for the next 15 years. In announcing this plan earlier this week, the Minister for Land, Energy and Transport, Marc Pons, emphasised that the government was in no way trying to curtail the nautical sector.

He clarified this by referring to the setting up of two technical schools in Palma and Alcudia to help local residents professionally train for working in the highly lucrative and expanding marine industry.

Over the next 15 years the government plans to annually invest some €10m in upgrading, improving and expanding the nautical sector. It has been working with nautical sector stakeholders to prepare a long-term plan for the better management of the industry and to increase cooperation within the sector.

Pons commented that: “We don’t agree that the answer is more marinas: we believe that we should be making the utmost of the excellent facilities we already have.”