New scheme applies to both domestic and foreign-flagged vessels

As part of Greece’s strategy to expand and better manage its marine tourist sector, the country this week launched a new electronic registration scheme. This scheme has been launched by the Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue (AADE).

The new system applies to series of domestic and foreign-flagged vessels. For Greek-flagged craft, private and professional leisure boats are included. In respect of foreign-flagged vessels, the new registry takes in professional and daily cruise ships. All these vessels must be placed on the new e-registration system by their owner through the website.

A statement from the Greek Finance Ministry says that boat owners can upload their appropriate details on the ‘Tourist Vessels and Small Boats Registry’ on the AADE site under the section ‘Services for Citizens’ or ‘Business Services’. The owners can access these areas of the website by using their TAXISnet passwords.

The new scheme has been under development for several months as a joint initiative between the finance ministry and the Greek shipping ministry. AADE will operate it with the intention of simplifying registration and related procedures for owners of professional craft. All boat owners will be required to enter details for each of their craft individually.

In another move, stakeholders in Greece’s yachting and sea tourism sector are lobbying the government to end a joint ministerial decision which removes tax deductibles on the purchase and operations of recreational watercraft. The decision proposes a VAT rate of 24% VAT on purchase, as well as all services provided being taxed. Until now these had been exempted.