’Amending Remission Order’ effectively ends the 10 per cent tax on US boats heading to Canada

The Canadian government is to remove all retaliatory tariffs on US recreational boats, marking the most positive development on the trade front in months. The news was announced last night. It follows the reciprocal countermeasures applied by the Canadian government announced on July 1, 2018, in response to the US Section 232 tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminium.

The latest action – officially called the “Amending Remission Order” – effectively ends the 10 per cent tax on US boats heading to Canada.

Canadian dealers that paid the 10 per cent surtax, which went into effect on July 1, 2018, can now apply for a refund by following the instructions at this Canadian Finance Department link

A joint statement released by the NMMA and NMMA Canada last night reads: ”We are thrilled the Canadian government heard our concerns and addressed them head on. Together, the NMMA and NMMA Canada teams – along with the entire recreational boating industry – worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the devastating consequences that the tariffs were causing to small businesses on both sides of the border. As you are aware, eliminating retaliatory tariffs on US boats has been a top priority for the industry, and today’s announcement is a major win for all of us.”