Web portal for submitting exclusion requests will open at mid-day on Sunday, 30 June,

With the Trump administration’s 25 percent tariff on all Chinese imports taking an economic toll on industries across the board, the US Trade Representative (USTR) has announced it will begin taking exclusion requests for List 3 items, some US$200 billion in components, accessories and building materials used in the boat building and aftermarket trades.

A web portal for submitting exclusion requests will open at mid-day on Sunday, 30 June, and will be operational through 30 September.

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), USTR is expecting over 60,000 exclusion requests, more than four-times the number of requests for List 1 and 2 combined.

NMMA also points out that exclusions from the prior lists, USTR seemed to provided quicker decisions earlier in the process and encourages members seeking exclusion to file an early request. The association has also offered its members staff resources to assist in the filing process.

Just last week, hearings opened on Section 301 List 4 tariffs, impacting some US$300 billion boating safety equipment and other outdoor recreational products from bike helmets to fishing gear, and personal flotation devices.

NMMA testified before the USTR about the harm the newest tariffs would pose to recreational boating manufacturers, while highlighting the damage that boat manufacturers have already faced from existing tariffs.

“The ongoing additional threat of tariffs is creating a lot of uncertainty for businesses,” NMMA Sr. VP for Government relations Nicole Vasilaros told the media following her testimony. “For us being a uniquely American made product, there are tough decisions that our manufacturers are having to make to ensure that they remain globally competitive.”