Greek yacht legislation is expected to be simplified over the coming month. For now, the main measures include:

Pleasure yachts registered under the EU Flag

Yachts will be free to sail in Greece with less bureaucracy, and formalities will be available through online platforms. DEKPA, the certificate for private pleasure craft, will no longer be required. Only Schengen Agreement formalities for customs will apply, including a list of crew and passengers.

Commercial yachts (officially licensed)

The charter agreement and passenger list will be submitted in electronic format. The charter agreement for a predefined itinerary will be different from a charter without it.

New penalties for illegal yacht charters

Pleasure yachts within Greece that undertake illegal charters will face penalties of up to €200,000. All other penalties including advertising, embarking and disembarking without a Greek Charter License will be doubled and in some cases tripled.