Many major US cities are seeing an increase in illegal charter operations, and the Port of San Diego, California, is releasing a long-awaited draft ordinance that would give the port district oversight of charter vessel operations.

The port district is seeking public input at a meeting 10 October that is expected to be well attended by legal charter operators who have been complaining about rogue operators for several years, leading to the creation of an illegal charter task force in 2018.

Charter vessel operators in San Diego Bay are currently required to obtain a permit from the marina or sportfishing landing where they board passengers.

The port district is proposing it issue permits, collect license agreement fees, establish an appeals process for denied, revoked or suspended permits, set insurance requirements, according to The Log.

Legal operators allege non-compliance with Coast Guard licensing and regulations, lack of adequate insurance, unsafe conditions or operations, lack of an appropriate agreement with a marina or sportfishing landing and avoidance of rent payments to the port for conducting charter vessel operations.

Following public comment, the ordinance will be presented to the Board of Port Commissioners for input or approval.