French builder says it aims to hire more than 650 staff on permanent contracts

Groupe Beneteau today announced its recruitment plan for 2018/19, stating that it aims to hire more than 650 staff on permanent contracts – nearly 490 in France and over 160 in other countries.

In France, two-thirds of the 490 new permanent staff will be based in Vendée and around 100 will be in Bordeaux for the Boat Division. The other recruitments are for the Housing Division, with around 50 positions.

Internationally, these recruitments will cover job creations linked to the industrial investments made in Poland and the US to strengthen production capacity and support the Boat business’ growth.

This 2018/19 recruitment plan is fully in line with the major efforts made last year by Groupe Beneteau to attract over 500 people in France to the career opportunities available with boatbuilding.

“Today, we are proud to stand out in the boating industry through the quality of the resources we allocate for training all our staff, whether they are on permanent or temporary contracts,” says Beneateu CEO Hervé Gastinel. “Capitalising on our very positive experience with our in-house training centre in Vendée, Groupe Beneteau has decided to set up similar initiatives in Bordeaux, as well as in the US and Poland.”

Groupe Beneteau will focus this year on integration and training for new staff through several key initiatives:

  • Organisation of pre-recruitment training for adults and immersive placements ensuring a better rate of success for training programs. This involves working closely with training organisations to support candidates and welcome them within the company for their pre-recruitment training. In 2017/18, the Beneteau Group trained 203 people as part of POEC – collective operational employment preparation – programs, eight times more than in 2016/17.
  • More work-based training programs for young people. In 2017/18, Groupe Beneteau trained twice as many interns (150) as in 2016/17, and it will continue to welcome young people, from undergraduates to postgraduates, on work-based training programs across diverse professions.
  • One to two days of onboarding for all employees, across all sites and all professions. These onboarding days make it possible to cover important aspects such as workplace safety and quality, while also sharing the company’s values and culture.
  • Mentoring set up in 2018/19. Mentoring aims to support new staff during their first few months with the company, while providing opportunities for experienced staff to hand down and share their know-how and experience.

“At the heart of our Transform to Perform strategic plan, talents represent one of the pillars making it possible to ensure our Group’s sustainable growth,” Hervé Gastinel adds. “Our employees’ team spirit, engagement and commitment to being part of the group’s development and transformation are essential because they contribute to our success.”

Groupe Beneteau, through its Boat division’s 10 brands, offers over 200 recreational boat models – from sailing to motorboating, monohulls and catamarans. In total the group employs 7,000 people, primarily in France, the US, Poland, Italy and China.