Whilst fibreglass chopped strand mat  is relatively cheap, other materials, particularly some types of carbon fibre or advanced sailcloth, are not. This makes it important to squeeze every workable piece from a roll of material. US-based Eastman has been making cutting machines for over a century, and at JEC was showing how its latest software package, Eastman Cut Pro, allows operators with fairly limited experience in Autocad to quickly manage the parameters of each job.

“It only takes a few keystrokes,” said Eastland’s sales manager Rey Durante. “We have made the software very intuitive to use, so an operator can set the parameters, choose the material, the depth of cut and any other requirements from just one menu page. Once completed, the instructions are sent to the cutting tool, where a confirmation command sets everything  into motion.”

Durante demonstrated the process on a full-size machine, which grouped the cutting tightly onto the material to minimise waste. “The machine can swap between all kinds of materials, from sail cloth to CSM, with the same degree of accuracy,” Durante said.