After developing the Figaro Beneteau 3, the first production foiling sailing yacht, Groupe Beneteau has launched a new innovation, unveiling its concept foiling motor yacht. 

Groupe Beneteau says it took just nine months for its teams, working closely with partners in France, to conceive, design, develop and build this next-generation ’flying’ boat.

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Beneteau’s Motor Foiler concept

Groupe Beneteau took just nine months to develop its first motor foiler concept

DEMS Sarrazin Design; Noval, which designs and produces electronic systems for lifting and locking the foils and hydraulic engine brackets; and SEAir, which designs and produces flight systems; brought on board a range of design, technical and mechanical skills, alongside the innovation, naval architecture and product design experts from Groupe Beneteau.

Groupe Beneteau is once again demonstrating its capacity for innovation with this first motor foiler

Built in Vendée, the boat was tested and refined at Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie port at the start of February when it made its first flights.

“Following the Figaro Beneteau 3 for sailing, Groupe Beneteau is once again demonstrating its capacity for innovation with this first motor foiler. I would like to congratulate the teams who have successfully delivered on the challenge to design and build this boat”, confirms Hervé Gastinel, Groupe Beneteau’s Chief Executive Officer.

The objective with this prototype is to test and validate Groupe Beneteau’s research under real-life conditions with a view to securing the use of foils for motor yachts.



Hull length: 9.70 m

Fully infusion-built: low-emission, weight-saving technology.

Pivoting foils: they enable the boat to be used with or without foils, without any loss of output on the water. Docking is simplified and the boat takes up the same space in port as a boat without foils.

Propulsion: outboard for the start of this project, with research underway for future developments.